Opening Manipura Chakra: Your Personal Power Centre [+Video]

Manipura = lustrous gem

If you’re new to manipura chakra, get ready to unleash a whole world of amazing things into your life. This is arguably one of the most powerful chakras in the body, and the home of your personal power. Before you continue reading this article, start by making a positive affirmation to feed your 3rd chakra, repeat the following phrase in your mind as you smile inwardly: “I am able to achieve my full potential, I am worthy, I am motivated”. Yes, you are!


This chakra is also known as the ‘solar plexus’ and is located in the area between the navel and the breast bone. It governs your self esteem, confidence, self-worth, belief and personal conviction. Activate this chakra to climb to new heights in your life and to make the impossible possible. If you suffer from indecisiveness, control issues, poor time management and low self-esteem then you will really benefit from working balancing your manipura chakra.

The colour associated with this chakra is yellow and the element is fire. So expect warmth and heat in the body when opening here. Health-wise, this chakra is intrinsically linked to your digestion and metabolism; as we light the fire in the belly known as Agni we accelerate digestion and the body becomes more efficient at processing food. So many benefits, so let’s get started, excited?!3

The following breathing exercise and asana practice will take just under 1 hour, if you allow 10 minutes for breathing and 10 minutes for your final savasana resting meditation.

To open the practice let’s start with an incredibly powerful pranayama breathing exercise that will light the fire of your 3rd chakra. It’s known as  kapalabhati, the breath of fire. Here’s a great explanation of the technique:

Using the above video to guide your breath of fire practice, try 3 rounds of kapalabhati,  taking 30 breaths in each set, resting in child’s pose between each set until you feel ready for the next. Then, once your inner fire is alight, follow the wonderful Adriene’s third chakra yoga balancing sequence, below. Get ready to feel empowered, strong and confident!

Before you start, say the following affirmations out loud with a smile on your face:

  • YES I can!”
  • “I am so able to do anything I want!” 
  • “I am confident and worthy!” 
  • “I love my practice and I am great at it!” 
  • “Yoga makes the impossible, possible!”

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about your chakras and how to play with opening them, please visit my blog and subscribe. Namaste ❤



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