Costa Rica: Arriving In Paradise

This month I’m travelling to beautiful Costa Rica, to pursue my passion for yoga. I’m so excited to share my journey and become a yoga teacher! 
After a ten hour flight across the Atlantic, we hit land! The lush, green, mountainous land of Costa Rica.  There’s very little sign of life on the approach to the country’s capital city, San Jose.
Being so used to travelling around Europe, I forgot the excitement of arriving somewhere which is completely foreign. To me even the clouds seemed exotic. As we started our descent I could see Pura Vida written on some of the rooftops of local villages. This translates to Pure Life, the motto of Costa Rica and the ethos that the locals live by.

Coming from Gatwick, San Jose airport seems like a dream. Here it seems people greet strangers with a smile by default. Nature lovers, yogis and travellers alike pour into this beautiful country through this main airport, and it doesn’t go unnoticed when you look around the arrivals hall. As I waited for my bus, an open top jeep rolled up, out jumped a shaggy looking surfer, barefoot, wearing his boardshorts and a wide smile, It doesn’t get more Pura Vida than that!

The taxis here are bright orange, with each driver after the next hustling for a ride holding up home-made signs reading ‘Best price in Costa Rica’. But there’s no aggression or hassle, here people respect your space.
My first night in Costa Rica was spent in the Adventure Inn, an overnight bolt-hole to rest my head until my onward journey to Montezuma the following day. But I soon discovered that even the bolt holes in Costa Rica have an individual charm.

My room was equipped with three beds and a great stash of strong Costa Rican coffee, a welcome treat for jet lagged travellers. All around the hotel are beautiful wall paintings, celebrating nature and all that Costa Rica has to offer.image1

I settled into a beautiful bowl of Ceviche with avocado, which cost a mere $6. My change was presented in Costa Rican Colones, an inflated but exotic looking currency. This was going to be a trip of self discovery and a trip through nature, it seemed. I can’t wait to experience more of the Pura Vida dream.



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